A Midwife's Photo Archive | Tampa Bay Homebirth Midwife

The say a picture is worth a thousand words. I could not agree more and I am so grateful when clients document their stories and share those with the world! My time in the birth community from just a tiny baby midwife until today is captured occasionally in photo and video and I felt it wise to collect as many of these moments as possible into one place.  So many people have help to write this story and it is so beautiful to see so many influential souls in those moments of time. Thank you to everyone who has been, is, and will be a part of the Barefoot Family story. You can take a look for yourself over on our Flickr. 

There are some hilariously old gems from our early days as well as intimate moments shared by our families at their births. 

placenta tour tampa florida
megan and charlie barefoot birth founders in 2009
home birth midwife brandon fl

Have photos to share with us? Shoot us an email to charlie {at} barefootbirth {dot} com! We'd love to take a trip down memory lane with you.